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Director of Field Technology opportunity at NYC nonprofit

New York, NY
Our client is an amazing nonprofit that is elevating philanthropic giving and transforming how the charity sector works. They've grown quickly since their inception and have raised over $400MM - which has gone right into the hands of the most needy individuals. They're working hard to eliminate the systemic failures in the "giving" industry - and that's where you come in.

The Director of Field Technology is a multi-faceted role, so you need to come prepared to dig in with both hands and rotate through a few hats. You get to exercise your identity as a technologist in the broadest sense as you'll be thinking about both project AND product management, data pipelines and their design, coding, security, testing, training and support. You'll also work with various stakeholders across the entire (global!) organization.

You'll head up a team of 6 and will own prioritization and strategy for that team, whose mandate has consistently grown in complexity and scale. This isn't a chance for you to sit in the corner and code - you'll be actively involved in leadership from end to end - so you need to be okay with communicating on a daily basis with people.

Still reading? Great! Here are some of the things you need to bring to the table:
  • Skills with languages like Java, Python, or C#
  • Experience managing technical product evaluation processes
  • An engineering background of some kind - preference for CS/Software, but open to others with practical experience that is relevant to the role (including strong PM or data science)
  • Data modeling and design principles
  • Ability to work with a range of techy and non-techy users
  • A passion for creating process and structure that can scale, and also for tackling open-ended problems
  • Strong value system for helping those in need that aligns with the company's vision
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