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Functional developer opportunity at P2P blockchain startup

Brooklyn, NY
Our P2P blockchain platform client is looking to bring on a functional developer to help build and grow the products offered by their company. While they have a preference for someone with functional experience, they're open to someone with solid skills in the standards (C/C++ and MySQL). 

What you'll do:
  • Design/program the core components
  • Collab with the team to architect the system
  • Research existing libraries and tools to find resuable code
  • Perform domain research
  • From time to time, interface with clients to spec out solutions
What you bring:
  • Linux, Mac, & Windows
  • Proficiency in one or more: C/C++, Go, Java, Scala, F#, Haskell, etc.
  • Node.js, PostgreSQL, Rest/HTTP, JSON/XML, Kafka, Azure/AWS, OAuth, Docker DB design
  • Web and mobile FE 
  • Cryptography, blockchain contract coding
  • language design
  • Understand how P2P networks work
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