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Full Stack Engineer at top P2P lending shop in NYC

New York, NY

Our P2P lending client is fleshing out their team with a full stack engineer.


    • Write and provide feedback on RFCs for new features in our collaborative design process.
    • Author and document re-usable components inside a React application.
    • Build server-side services and API endpoints using Node and NestJS.
    • Ask important questions, speak candidly, and try to move the needle every single day.

Must haves:

    • ~2 years software engineering experience or a strong academic background in computer science.
    • Experience using version control systems such as Git, Mercurial, or SVN.
    • You have written ES6 JavaScript.
    • Experience with at least one of the following tools: NPM, Yarn, Babel, Webpack, Grunt.
    • You have used a front-end framework such as React, Vue, or Angular.
    • Experience building and consuming REST API endpoints.
    • You can replicate a component from a visual mock and color palette.
    • Experience with SQL databases.
    • You have worked on server-side applications with Node.js and Express.
    • Experience using Webpack, Babel, NPM, and Yarn.
    • You know how HTTP works.
    • You have a meticulous attention to detail, in both your own work and when reviewing others'.
    • You have written unit tests for production code, and understand how to achieve good coverage.

Nice to have:

    • You’ve contributed value to an open-source project: be it documentation or code.
    • Experience with TypeScript or a statically typed language like Java or C#.
    • You have used a PaaS provider such as AWS or Heroku.
    • You have implemented server-side rendering and code-splitting in a PWA.
    • Experience with SCSS or LESS.
    • Experience working with or building a CI pipeline for a webapp.
    • You have written tests using browser-automation using Selenium or similar.
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