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Full Stack Engineer, 2 vastly different startups

New York, NY
We have a number of clients hiring for this role, including companies:
  1. Aggregating and analyzing healthcare data to help physicians make informed treatment advice. Working in Angular and Node. 70% front end, 30% backend. (ES6, SASS, or Webpack are pluses)
  2. A woman-owned, online platform for sharing and watching real-world sex videos, as most porn is not a realistic portrayal (need Ember.js, Golang and / or Ruby, Ruby on Rails) Absolutely open to partial remote.  And for the right candidate there is the possibility of the role being 100% remote in the future. For the first 3 – 6 months would need to be on-site or partially remote. 
Both of these companies are looking for people with experience with Javascript and modern frameworks. We are happy to speak with you about one to all of these roles if they pique your interest.

We also work with partners, and have access to roles in banks, hedgefunds, and startups large and small.
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