Production Engineer (SRE / Devops)

Location: New York City, NY
Date Posted: 09-26-2017

Online Fantasy Football and Gambling website that was just acquired and now expanding rapidly needs a Production Engineer (think Devops + SRE)
Do you…
• enjoy building scalable, distributed, and comprehensible systems?
• and automating their operations to the push of a button?
• crave quantified telemetry, as much for validation of success as diagnosis of failure?
• invest in 'boring' or vexing efficiencies, while leaving non-pertinent work for later (or never)?
• and take ownership of your domain, because it's the only way to be sure?
You're a self-directed and creative mind, who emphasizes efficiency and quality over sheer velocity. Comfortable moving autonomously through a suite of responsibilities, we're hoping you'll cultivate a long-term role with us, taking ownership of some of:
• a pure, full Kubernetes ecosystem, nurtured in a lush green field
• evangelizing a loop between product and ops, so that our tests cover our users' most trod paths
• another loop with support, so that we can think with both sides of our head
• continual integration, so that issues are found fast and fixed slow
• threat modeling, so our users never have to worry about us
• and visibility into the works, via our Collectd/Prometheus/Grafana monitoring platform
We're proud of our flexible, collaborative atmosphere, and we're looking for people who value integrity and humility, who take pride in their work. Our hierarchy is quite flat, and everyone is welcome to contribute to – or make – important decisions.

           (Mike Cohen)
BatPhone: 617.999.0818
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