Mid to Senior Front End Engineer, Vertically integrated children's clothes

Location: New York, NY
Date Posted: 01-04-2019
We have a number of clients hiring for this role, including:
  1. A two-sided marketplace that connects brands and cannabis retailers (working in HTML5, Vue.js, and Git)
  2. An ecommerce site selling cheery, durable kids clothes at a fraction of brand name prices
  3. A company which makes getting rental apartments and rental insurance much easier, via cosigning and making down payment, so the renter can pay smaller, monthly payments
  4. A company that modernizes, simplifies & streamlines mortgages to help home buyers save money.
All of these companies are looking for people with experience with Javascript and modern frameworks. We are happy to speak with you about any or all of these roles if they pique your interest.

We also work with partners, and have access to roles in banks, hedgefunds, and startups large and small.
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