Head of Market Entry & Operations - Consumer-Tech/B2C Stealth Mode Startup - NYC

Location: New York, NY
Date Posted: 08-06-2018
We are excited to reveal the initiation of a pioneering new company that will solve a fundamental need of a global target market, through innovations using state of the art technologies from multiple domains, computer vision and AI.  This early-stage startup is positioned to make a major impact thanks to a novel approach, strong funding and a leadership team of veteran entrepreneurs with a proven track record of founding and establishing successful high-tech enterprises that have created outstanding value for shareholders (both team- members and investors) as well as for customers.

We seek an executive who can project/program manage the holistic preparation/coordination and launch of the company’s products/services into the marketplace; including beta and all market launches over time, across all functions (Engineering, FO, Product Management, Marketing, Bus Dev, Corp Ops, etc.)

This executive should combine, primarily, leadership and project/program management skills (design, build, run); with, secondarily, good understanding/experience of market dynamics, product development/launch and service development/launch activities. We seek an action oriented, assertive, collaborative and highly experienced executive. Over time, this executive will also design/build/run/lead the PMO.

Main Duties:
A. Learn the strategy, services, products and project plans
B. Establish a framework (team, tools, protocols/playbooks, cadence, etc.) in order toensure company has well thought out plans for beta, launch, and expansion; first time and on-going basis.
C. Lead/run the program.
D. Overtime, develop the PMO
E. Over time, manage the Strategy process
F. Over time, incorporate B2B sales into the scope of program management.

The Head of MEO must demonstrate a balance between subject matter expertise and a sense
of urgency in approaching projects in a thorough and timely manner. This role will utilize and
leverage a broad set of capabilities to include technical acumen to approach market entry in
an educated manner to deliver meaningful value.

This position plays a critical role in facilitating communication across the organization and
ensuring all internal customers have the support they need to create strategic beta and
market launch business plans. 

A. Ensure that company has well thought/planned out, and then well executed and reviewed, cross functional plans for beta, product/service launches, over time, including all relevant functions of the company, as well as third parties.
B. Spearhead global market entry projects that are consistent with the business strategy.
C. Ensures that company Functions analyze market, industry, regulatory and technology trends and incorporate them into a comprehensive launch strategy that extends company’s capabilities and financial performance.
D. Strategize with the leadership team on market entry strategies including approaches for different industries, target audiences, products and lines of services.
E. Work with subject matter experts within company to establish contracting arrangements (e.g. business terms, fees, SOWs).
F. Demonstrate interest in, and aptitude for, the business and technical issues encountered across the company client base.
G. Drive market expansion strategies into the annual strategic and financial planning processes.
H. Standardize and centralize all business development tools and processes.
I. Manage multiple concurrent projects, keeping stakeholders updated and timelines on track
J. Build a tactical plan for cross-functional initiatives within the organization, model financial impact and benefits, etc.

A. BA or BS degree is required.
B. An advanced degree such as an MBA is preferred, as well as industry certifications and association memberships.
C. Project Management Professional Certification required.

A. Ten (10) or more years of experience managing projects/programs
B. Five (5) or more years of management experience.
C. Senior thought leadership and change management experience.
D. Formal project management experience.
E. Experience with a company that delivers services to market. Said service needs to include physical world characteristics (cannot just be digital). Preferer experience launching a service.
F. Experience with a company that develops and delivers a product to market. Prefer experience launching a product.


A. Excellent program/project management skills
1. Including formal certification
2. Including proven ability to design, build and run large, cross-functional programs, that include integration of technologies and people.
3. Outbound capabilities (interaction with people outside TG) preferred.
a. Excellent communication and presentation skills
b. Experience working with other cultures (preferably, also experience working/managing Israeli team-members)

B. Preferred prior experience managing a business function and not strictly project managing on behalf of others.
C. Detail oriented with experience understanding the root cause of issues and intention of initiatives.
D. Making Complex Decisions: Can solve even the toughest and most complex of problems; great at gleaning meaning from whatever data is available; a quick study of the new and different; adds personal
wisdom and experience to come to the best conclusion and solution, given the situation; uses multiple problem-solving tools and techniques.

General fit
1.Willing to work long and irregular hours.
2.Willing to travel infrequently.
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