Director or VP of Business Development - Stealth Mode AI/ML Consumer Startup

Location: New York, New York
Date Posted: 06-15-2018
We are excited to reveal the initiation of a pioneering new company that will solve a fundamental need of a global target market, through innovations using state of the art technologies from multiple domains, computer vision and AI. This early-stage startup is
positioned to make a major impact thanks to a novel approach, strong funding and a leadership team of veteran entrepreneurs with a proven track record of founding and establishing successful high-tech enterprises that have created outstanding value for shareholders (both team- members and investors) as well as for customers.

The highest priority at this time is establishing a team to create the new technology and affiliated products and services. We're seeking collaborative, energetic, innovative team-members who bring a positive mind-set and passionate focus; individuals who are
inspired by the prospect of developing a new technology and service that will ultimately benefit hundreds of millions of people around the world, and who are driven as much by the personal as by the financial rewards of a start-up experience.

At the foundation of the technology is the real-time processing of very large amounts of data at unparalleled scale. The innovations will draw on advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, Native Language Understanding and Machine Learning augmenting the above. Our client is also innovating in the area of user experience as the goal is for users/customers not only to benefit from but to enjoy interacting with the product and services.

At this time we are not at liberty to publicly reference additional key technologies that will be discussed with candidates.

The role:
The Director/VP BD is part of the senior management team that leads the company and as such, participates in shaping long and short term corporate strategies. The Director/VP BD’s primary mission is to develop and lead a program that will identify, analyze, prioritize, strategize and project-manage campaigns to win/establish deals with large entities, such as distribution partners (for example, telecommunication companies; Amazon; etc.); companies that are part of the service (for example, ride sharing; security companies);
companies that will promote the company (sell with vs. sell through); and large customers on B2B basis (such as university campuses; large employers who will offer the service to their own employees); etc. In the context of such programs and initiatives, the BusDev function will also ensure integration and activation of all relevant company functions in such campaigns and sub-programs.

1. Identify, analyze, prioritize, strategize and manage campaigns to win and manage deals with large entities, such distribution partners; service partners and large customers (who offer services to their employees)
2. Identify, connect with, and convince high and/or mid-level executives of target entities, who are relevant to a decision-making process (influencers, decision-makers, gate-keepers, etc.) about the value proposition and differentiation/advantages, compared to the
3. Gather information about the prospective target entities, as a means for establishing a sound strategy and related tactics.
4. Develop presentations highlighting compelling value propositions for target entities, and influence them to invest time and resources to achieve the promised results.
5. Negotiate deal terms and close deals with target entities.
6. Work with Product Management, Field Operations, and other organizations to ensure such programs/agreements are well designed, scoped and managed.
7. Serve as key spokesperson for the company at selected events.
8. Organize and activate company resources in support of target entities.
9. Maintain a high level of knowledge of company products, services, and product/service road maps, as well as that of the competition.
10. Insight: a member of management team that sets strategy/direction for the company.

1. Bachelor’s degree required.
2. Masters (MBA) preferred, in one of the following areas: Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Systems, Economics, or related field

1. 8-10 years’ experience closing and managing (relationships/programs) business with key targets, that are similar to the ones referenced above: telecommunication companies, Amazon, large universities, etc.
2. Worked as a business development executive for a large, successful company, where he/she learned and internalized management skills (program management and project management, decision-making, meeting management, and negotiation skills)
3. Also proven track-record as business development leader with startup, whereby the barrier to entry is higher and much depends on the ability to the executive to design, activate and hand-on “break into” organizations and establish relationships.
4. Proven record of growing market share, exceeding quota and increasing margins.
5. Heavy experience developing business with large entities.
6. Must have existing relationships with leaders/decision makers at large US universities.
7. Emerging company/startup work experience: demonstrated ability to design, build and run
programs and projects by her/him-self, without great reliance on staff (hands-on).

1. Must have strong communications skills and experience creating presentations and delivering them to groups of executives, analysts, and prospects.
2. Must have strong technical aptitude characterized by the ability to understand technical concepts, value proposition and benefits and translate them to a wide variety of audiences.
3. Strategic approach to prioritization and decision making.
4. Solid program management skills: must develop Business Development program. Need to demonstrate ability to develop a program.
5. Solid project management skills: demonstrated ability to develop and manage a project.
6. Organizational skills: able to manage multiple projects and initiatives simultaneously and record/track/drive numerous action items.
7. Superb at major account planning and execution
8. Experienced at negotiating and closing deals, including a good political sense as a means for reading the position of different stakeholders within the prospective customer organization, outlining and implementing a plan to influence them, and activating TG-17
resources (direct and indirect).
9. Experience working with target entities that are high on the company’s list of priorities.
10.Strategic thinker and planner.

Personal attributes
1. Assertive and convincing “sales-oriented” executive who can convince mid-level and senior executives at target entities to take action and believe in company's value propositions
2. Organized and process oriented
3. Energetic and highly motivated, with strong work ethic
4. Credible and results oriented
5. Poised and highly communicative – comes across as an experienced, confident, credible professional, who is representative of the trusted, empathetic brand that the company needs to establish
6. Collaborative and team player
7. Able to chair functional and cross functional meetings that encourage participants to fully, freely, and respectfully present their views before rendering a conclusion/decision
8. Pragmatic: able to analyze trade-offs and prioritize tasks to achieve goals
9. Self-discipline: overcome difficulties, uncertainty and temptations that conflict with the mission
10. Entrepreneurial-spirit (passionate about joining a start-up, willing to work hands-on, apolitical, etc.)
11. Adaptable
12. Demonstrable commitment to excellence/diligence

General fit
1.Willing to work long and irregular hours.
2.Willing to travel infrequently.
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