Machine Learning Engineer role at ML focused healthtech

Location: Boston, MA
Date Posted: 05-07-2018
This team is at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare through the use of machine learning. They have access to millions of medical records, an on-prem GPU cluster, and a top-tier team from industry and academia. 

The focus of this ML engineering and software team is to build tools to deploy models in the clinical setting. Some of the things they work on:
  • Building visualization tools to put model results in front of the radiologists
  • Creating orchestration tools to route data and results to key hospital systems, including insertion into physician reports
  • Developing an online learning platform to capture feedback from users to improve our models
Required skills
  • Fluent developing backend services & REST endpoints using one or more of the following:
    • Java + Spring
    • Python + Flask
    • Python + Django
  • Fluent in best practices for secure data transmission
  • Fluent working with databases
    • 1+ relational database (Postgres, MySql, etc.)
    • 1+ NoSQL database (mongoDB, CouchDB, etc.)
    • 1+ key-value store (Redis, memcached, etc)
  • Fluent leveraging message queues for asynchronous communication (RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ, Kafka, etc.)
  • Fluent developing high-availability applications (redundancy, fault-tolerance, etc)
  • Highly comfortable using Docker
  • Highly comfortable with Apache/Nginx/HAProxy
  • Highly comfortable integrating monitoring solutions with backend services
  • Highly comfortable deploying models in a machine learning environment
  • Follows best practices in software development
  • Have shipped product
Nice to have
  • Comfortable with Javascript (React/Vue/Angular)
  • Comfortable with WebRTC, WebSockets, or SocketIO
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