Front End Developer for Hot Insurance Startup in NYC

Location: New York, New York
Date Posted: 04-02-2018
Engineering Manifesto:

 We will
• Put the needs of the user first, above our needs as a developer. Our purpose here is to build something bigger than ourselves: a product people will love.
• Prefer forgiveness over permission, greatness over good enough, creativity over predictability. In other words, we are empowered to be ambitious and innovative.
• Focus first. We won’t start doing work without considering what the most impactful things are and prioritizing them first.
• Grow personally and professionally. Both are important to achieve fulfillment.
• Protect diversity of thinking. We will strive for a balanced team and inclusive processes. Ideas are always welcome.
• Use the right tool for the job. Figure out what it is.
• Build our organization like we build our product. Iterating and improving it over time.
• We will NOT
• Hesitate to help each other out. Our best teachers and mentors are each other.
• Strive to be perfect. Perfection deters progress.
• Pre-optimize with complexity. The best code is the one that doesn’t have to be written.
• Grow attached to ideas or code. Removing code and unsuccessful features is just as valuable as creating them.
• Hide our failures. Accepting mistakes without blame is the basis of a culture of accountability and growth.
• Assume we are always right or others are always wrong. Check your ego because no one knows everything.
• Underestimate the need for transparency or communication. When in doubt, put it out there.
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