Sr Application Security Engineer - social benefit/healthcare

Location: New York City, NY
Date Posted: 01-30-2018


This team benefits patients and clients by improving treatment and accelerating research with their market-leading electronic medical records platform - a first-of-its-kind analytics tool, patient portal, and integrated billing management. 

You'll join a team that embodies a collaborative, efficient, and flexible working environment. Application security is way more than just code reviews and penetration testing - it's about the complete development workflows, defining a security culture, and advocating for security features (like 2FA) in systems.


  • See the architectures, read the code, break the apps, and find the problems before the bad guys do (through penetration testing, ethical hacking, etc.).
  • Build frameworks, APIs, processes, and whatever else is necessary to keep the web applications secure.
  • Stay on the leading edge of security research and make sure the company responds to new things quickly.
  • Build application security champions. Teach engineers how to code secure.
  • Own the responsibility of securing the products!

About you

  • Have a strong foundation in, and in-depth technical knowledge of application security, particularly web application security.
  • Sympathize with the complexity of being a developer and want to help make writing secure code easier.
  • Can read code like a book, and write enough code to get by (the tech stack is a diverse set of technologies running across both Windows and Unix platforms in the cloud).
  • Able to deal with the ambiguity associated with working in a fast-paced and changing environment; self-motivated and results-oriented.
  • Have at least 2 years relevant work experience.
  • Have excellent interpersonal communication skills.
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