Senior Software Engineer (RoR)

Location: New York, NY
Date Posted: 11-03-2017


eCommerce Shop is looking for experienced software engineers to contribute to our backend systems and develop features, internal and external API’s, and to help build the architecture that runs the next generation of systems as we expand our business model. Ideally you have worked in e-commerce or B2C companies heavily reliant on a component of marketing, and you are a self starter that can execute on building out business logic, creating test cases, and see projects through to completion. Good code review skills are definitely a plus.
You will be a key contributor to core systems that handle inventory, fulfillment, partner integrations, data feeds and
Bonus points for any working experience with SOA's in production - we will be building out several smaller services to handle our integrations, rather than a monolithic codebase.


4+ years experience shipping web applications and RESTful services in Rails, Sinatra or a similar modern server-side scripting framework
2+ years experience in at least one object-oriented scripting language, preferably Ruby
Expertise in at least one modern front-end JS framework such as React/Angular/Vue
SQL + ActiveRecord
Experience with VCS (preferably Git and GitHub).
Experience with TDD, BDD and solid code review skills
Knowledge of both SOAP and RESTful web services (Savon / Nokogiri a plus)

           (Mike Cohen)
BatPhone: 617.999.0818
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